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    Find out more about Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life! by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Amy Newmark at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews. the stories in Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul pay tribute to love's ability to endure .. My grandparents were married for over half a century, and played their. future editions of Chicken Soup For The Soul You can send us either stories you . shyly asked, "Do you believe marriages are made in heaven?" "Yes," she.

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    Chicken Soup For The Soul Married Life Pdf

    Wedded Bliss Jack Canfield - [Free] Chicken Soup For The Soul Married Life Stories About Fun Family And Wedded Bliss Jack Canfield [PDF] [EPUB] -. COS COB, Conn. – When laid-back Shawnelle Eliasen married an extremely “ Type A” man, she had a hard time adjusting to his meticulous. Recognizing the habit ways to acquire this ebook chicken soup for the soul married life inspirational stories about fun family and wedded bliss jack canfield.

    Your browser does not support the audio element. A study of young women attending colleges and universities across the United States reported that dating has disappeared from campus, and young women have been left to wander in a social wilderness in their search for Mr. In addition, a majority indicated they hoped to find Mr. Right while attending college. They lamented that dating has been replaced by hanging out with acquaintances and then hooking up with young men. Hooking up generally involves drinking alcohol and some degree of sexual activity.

    One evening as I waited for them to come to our home, I had a few minutes and opened the scriptures. I decided to read the New Testament to get me in a spiritual mood. One of my favorite sections of the New Testament is the Sermon on the Mount. When I read Matthew —44, I was struck with a powerful insight. Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

    But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you. When I asked her if we could kneel and pray for her husband, she looked at me like I was crazy. It is not easy to love your enemy or to do good to him. But I was hoping we could at least pray for him.

    I asked if we could kneel and pray that she be given the compassion, mercy, and love necessary to do so. We both took turns voicing a prayer, and after she shed a few tears she informed me she was ready to pray for her husband.

    She then offered a beautiful prayer for him. A remarkable change in her demeanor toward her husband was immediately obvious. This was real progress. I ushered her into the living room and invited the husband into the family room. We repeated the same sequence of events. His initial reaction to my request was one of shocked dismay. But later, after offering a sincere prayer for his wife, his attitude and his feelings toward her changed, and some of the earlier love reappeared.

    I could see it in his countenance, and he could feel it in his heart. This was our last counseling session. I think the story had a happy ending for the couple. Amazingly, praying for our enemies reverses our feelings. Maybe the person still hates you, but that does not matter. What matters is that your heart is softened and the Spirit abides with you.

    Perhaps even reconciliation may occur. Whenever I have been angry over the years with my wife, Carolyn, I kneel and pray for this good woman.

    Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul [CSF THE CHRISTIAN SOUL] pdf - infipichild3wkhlyr8

    She is such a kind and loving person that my anger is usually my own fault. Whatever the cause, my angry feelings are turned to increased love by sincere prayer. On Sunday afternoon Carolyn saw me editing my remarks and asked if she could read them. She offered some insightful suggestions. Since then, whenever I have been angry at you, I have prayed for you. It has worked every time.

    If I were miffed at her, I would have had to get out of bed and pray for her, and since I was very tired, I decided to just go to sleep a happy man. It should be no great surprise that good things come from following the teachings of the Master.

    Pray for what is best for them, which may turn out not to be you. But that is okay. The Lord will bless you, and good things will follow. This simple action will change feelings between husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, children and parents, and neighbors and co-workers. It will bring a mighty miracle in your feelings and in your ability to bear affliction.

    In conclusion I want to encourage you to remember the importance of marriage and family and place them first in your priorities. I want to spare you an experience similar to one I had 15 years ago. Our family was sharing a Christmas afternoon with another family, and at some point we started playing games like Trivial Pursuit. One game was based on Freudian psychology and involved identifying dominant personality traits.

    My wife and three sons independently wrote their estimation of my dominant personality trait on small pieces of paper. The pleasant quality of life she enjoys is the fruit of my hard work.

    [Read PDF] Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life!: 101 Inspirational Stories about Fun, Family,

    My three boys confirmed her diagnosis! The other two used similar words that made it clear that in their eyes my career, profession, or work was the most important aspect of my life.

    At this point, even though it was Christmas, I protested a little. In the days that followed I tried to justify how I lived my life to myself. But it did not do any good. No matter how I rationalized things, my dear family felt that my career was more important to me than they were.

    This is not and was not true. But the fact remained that that was the impression I had given by my actions. Since that time I have tried to make my priorities more visible.

    Would you like to go to the temple this afternoon? Or go ride around the Alpine Loop, see a movie, or visit the gardens at Thanksgiving Point?

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life!

    They are most important to me. I share this experience in the hope that you will be spared the anguish of confronting who you are at age 45 or 50 and being disappointed.

    Please make this an important priority as you finish school and launch a career. Be courageous in seeking after an eternal partner. If you have found him or her, then work together creating an eternal relationship. This is not hard work. In fact, it is rather pleasant and will bring great joy into your life. May God bless you in your studies at BYU. Be sure to study both the sacred and the secular.

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