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    Genre: Action, Fantasy, Harem, School Life, Science Fiction Volume 01 or (M) · Volume 02 or (M) · Volume 03 or (M) · Volume 04 or (M) · Volume 05 or (M). Thank you for both Volume 21 and 22, I can finally read without any worries!. The subreddit for Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, or *The Irregular at Magic High School*.

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    Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Light Novel Ebook

    You can now Download Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel volumes in . epub Format Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, also. Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Vol March 24 Vol 26 epub/pdf (Download any Stay up to date On Light Novels updates by Joining. Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Vol March 29 Vol epub/pdf ( Download Stay up to date On Light Novels updates by Joining.

    As of July , the web novel has received over 30 million page views. As of December , the web novel has received over 50 million page views. The web novel, including the Gaiden side stories , have been taken down at the end of The Dengeki published volumes were edited, supplemented with more text on some occasions, and overall improved over the web versions. The web novel consisted of only 6 web chapters written covering the First Year arc, and the author has already planned for a total of 15 web chapters to cover the entire three years of Magic High School. As of August , web chapter 1 has been been compiled into volumes 1 and 2, and as of December , web chapter 2 has been compiled into volumes 3 and 4. The author expects the series to be compiled into a total of 20 to 25 volumes ie.

    That "Discovery" bears fruit in volume 29, which is starting selling today. Lina's grandfather as a character was not well mastered to the point of writing 28 volume. I hope he is not inconsistent with the previous narrative sweating. As you advance through the series, you will find holes in its narrative all over the place.

    Speaking of "not thinking too deep", the public road from Mount Takao to Lake Kawaguchi doesn't allow to drive with such a speed I thought that it would be good because it is the future, but now I reflect on whether it was a bad chose. Whatever you think, I feel the faster the better.

    Minoru also got an "Elemental Sight", but in vol. As for the interpretation of "time" element, I am almost shaking as an author Sci-fi as well as fantasy - they are a bit interesting theme. They will be included in vol. Tatsuya goes on to explain that he needed to release the seal in order to defeat this particular opponent. Tatsuya tells Maya that since he won that his decision was correct.

    Tatsuya explains that this will help protect the rights of magicians, but Maya warns him that this may stimulate the government in a negative way. She says that there is a sponsor who is very close to the Yotsuba Family.

    Tatsuya says that it is Toudou Aoba and that he only knows the name. Maya is surprised but tells him that he must get approval from him before Maya can fully support him.

    Hayama admits that he see no problem with the seal being released, even if he did it without permission. With a complete release of Pledge, Tatsuya can fully demonstrate his magic at any given time, and it also makes it possible for him to use Material Burst freely. That was the original reason for the seal being placed on him. This seal also took its toll on Miyuki since she had to use half of her magic power in order to maintain the seal, which in turn lowered the combat strength of the Yotsuba Family.

    Next they discuss that currently the only thing that will make Tatsuya lose control is if something were to happen to Miyuki. Hayama asks Maya if she thinks that people will come to assassinate Tatsuya, and she replies that there are already some forces already in an execution stage. Due to their close proximity to each other she may become collateral damage. Maya also says that the Tsukuba family must be frantic to figure out what happened to the seal as well.

    Regardless of the hidden reasons, and regardless of whether it would fail or succeed, it is still a project that could help the fate of humanity. They also think that capitalists will prefer investing in a project that seems more realistic, and will turn into profits for them.

    Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Vol 20-25

    Hayama believes that compromising is something that won't be impossible to achieve. However, it would require Tatsuya to act not as an individual but as a representative of magicians who would have the right to govern themselves. They demanded to speak to Shiba Tatsuya but the school refused, which is normal considering that he is still a minor.

    They are discussing their options for leaving the school premises, Shizuku suggests they call the police since the media has completely blocked the front gate. They have doubts about whether or not they can make it out without having to resort to their own power.

    FLT responded to the mass media by saying they will hold a press conference in four days, on Friday at 10 A.

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    The press is reluctant to leave and complain about their freedom of press. Inside FLT Shiba Tatsurou who is the largest shareholder of the company, is greeting a messenger from the Yotsuba Family who are the true owners, and it is Hanabishi Hyougo. After discussing the plans for the press conference Hyougo tries to walk out of the room but is stopped by Tatsurou. Once again he reminds him that Tatsuya is the son of Maya and that Tatsurou never showed any parental love to Tatsuya.

    Miyuki arrives back at the student council room, and tells them that the principal will not be calling the police. There is likely to be many anti-magician fanatics in the crowd. The student club activities president Igarashi enters the room, and informs Miyuki that all clubs have ended for the day and are waiting to leave.

    It is suggested that some of the male students lead the way to form a wall to get through all the reporters, but it is rejected by Miyuki. She decides to use her position as Student Council President to go on behalf of the students to talk to the press and convince them to leave and let them through. Izumi raises her voice and says that it will be too dangerous for her, and Shizuku agrees with her. Miyuki suddenly tried to rush towards the gate but Minami prevented her from doing so, and when Miyuki returned to her senses she smiled at Minami.

    Miyuki and the rest of the student council were very surprised to see that Tatsuya had arrived here. He was wearing his school uniform and he headed towards Miyuki. The reporters blocked his way and Tatsuya said in a cold voice to open a path so that he could get through. Suddenly a gunshot rings out and most of the reporters scream. Tatsuya with his back towards the reports holds out his fist in front of him, and when he opens his fist a bullet falls to the ground. Tatsuya used Decomposition to slow down the momentum vectors around the bullet of the bullets to make it easier to catch.

    He did not try to apprehend the terrorist either even though he could have done so easily.

    The terrorist then tried to strike Tatsuya with his pistol but Tatsuya easily dodged that strike. By the time this was over the security guards finally showed up to apprehend the terrorist.

    The rude reporter from earlier was still on the ground and nearly fainted. With his position as Taurus Silver it was easy for him to obtain this license. After Tatsuya puts Miyuki and Minami in the car, Miyuki begins to interrogate Tatsuya as to why he actually showed up at First High today.

    Tatsuya tries to play it off by saying that he figured the student council would have a hard time leaving the premises. After sending Miyuki home, Tatsuya returned to Izu. Tatsuya himself had not been keeping an eye of First High, there was someone else who informed him of the possible incident. And that person was waiting for Tatsuya at the villa in Izu, it was Hyougo. Tatsuya thanks him for his hard work, and they begin to discuss what happened.

    Hyougo had warned Tatsuya that there was a terrorist that was going to make an appearance in front of First High when Miyuki was going to be leaving. However, instead of stopping the terrorist beforehand Tatsuya decided to use this situation to his advantage and Hyougo helped out as well.

    Tatsuya wonders if he should have let himself get injured instead to make a greater impression on the media, but Hyougo says that the reaction from Miyuki after something like that would end up being counter-productive and Tatsuya agrees.

    This plan was to help out the magicians public image and to show the true colors of the anti-magician extremists.

    It's a small separate building that Miya owned and where she would stay and be watched over without being bothered. Among the Yotsuba, Miya was the only one with a special magic. Even while as a magician, she couldn't excessively use her magic.

    It was predicted that unexpected people would try to kidnap her for her special factor. The cabin was to prevent that. There had been three raids aimed at attempting to abduct Miya. They had all been repelled, and because of that the cabin wasn't difficult to build. Though after Miya's death, the cabin had been left alone and not cared for.

    Tatsuya had stayed in the cabin just the day before, but opportunities to use the cabin after so long had begun again.

    Yuuka had just been told that both the furniture and the fixtures had been checked and that there were no problems. Yuuka was asked if she would start working soon after just having put down her luggage. That morning, Tatsuya had lunch with Maya where they talked about Edward and Raymond who go about using information as a weapon. Visiting the cabin and relaxing wasn't the purpose. She was ordered to fulfill her duty by the Head of the Yotsuba Family.

    The work that she was ordered to do was, to build a personal barrier to keep the mass media away. The type of specialty magic is Ancient Magic and originally not Modern Magic. The conditions for the invocation of the magic is prolonged in duration and low in power even so that a Ancient user could create a boundless barrier. It was dusk by the time she arrived at the cabin, thus it was completely dark by the time the barrier laying was completed. Even if one can use magic, it doesn't mean that they can see in the dark.

    Night vision is another skill in magic. Yuuka is surprised in being told that there is a suspicious person a distance away, whom she herself hadn't noticed. The person wore binoculars from their neck, and was wearing a navy blue shirt and pants that could be confused by in darkness.

    From where they were viewing, Yuuka could tell that they were looking at Tatsuya.

    Yuuka's subordinates were aware of the man now when the influence of the barrier was complete. The barrier completed by Yuuka interferes with those who are trying to look at the residence Tatsuya is staying in.

    The principle is the same as the Ghost Walker magic used by Zhou Gongjin and Chen Xianshan where the eyes can see the person, but one's consciousness could not. Now for someone who had been looking just before the barrier had been completed would feel that the person had disappeared. Yuuka tells her subordinate to capture and not inflict any big injuries or to kill the person. Tatsuya appears to the side asking Yuuka why she hadn't noticed him.

    Yuuka turned to his direction. She hadn't not noticed him, but viewed him being nearby didn't warrant any harm or that just thinking about the reason would be troublesome.

    The place where Tatsuya was hiding was within the premises.

    Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Baka-Tsuki

    The area is widely used by the Yotsuba Family, though to be precise the Yotsuba Family secretly controls the real-estate company that owns the private estate. Yuuka is talking to herself is trying to not impose troublesome things onto him.

    Tatsuya is not only aware of the suspicious person, but also their existence. Yuuka thinks that there is no need for her to get involved into handling such matters. She exhales while sighing about the face of her cute distant relative. Yuuka who had finished the interrogation of a suspicious person, went to report to Maya. Yuuka tells Maya during the report that since a suspicious person was watching Tatsuya, that she decided to catch the person and interrogate them.

    Maya asks Yuuka who the person was and she tells her that it was someone from the Tomita Family. Maya ponders about the Tomita Family which is one of the Hundred Families before commenting that they have an exclusive position within the Magic Association. Yuuka agrees that it is indeed the Magic Association who are watching Tatsuya.

    When Maya nods with a faint smile, Yuuka feels a chill go down her spine while maintaining a subtle expression. Yuuka tells Maya that the person from the Tomita Family never had any intention of harming Tatsuya and that the Magic Association thought that Tatsuya would be going somewhere.

    Yuuka asks her what she should do with the person and Maya tells her to let them go and that there is no need to process their memory. Yuuka asks if she's sure and Maya responds that the Yotsuba Family will never forsake one of their own. Continuing on with her hoping that the Magic Association will remember that. Yuuka remembers and feels disgusted about the circumstances that Tatsuya has had to deal with up from the battle with Juumonji Katsuto, before then the confrontation with Katsushige and the Tsutsumi siblings during the Yotsuba Succession; which are just two situations of substantial oppositions where he's had to deal with including the plot by the Army Intelligence Department.

    Maya asks if that's all and Yuuka tells her that its all that she had to mention about the mission, but has something unrelated to talk about. Among the four candidates before who were to be the next Head of the Yotsuba Family, Yuuka is the best at responding to questions and answering back immediately. Yuuka tells Maya that her mother, Touka cares about the fact that the seal used to seal Tatsuya has disappeared. Maya tells Yuuka to be careful with her words.

    Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Vol 26

    Yuuka knows not to overstep her bounds with Maya. Noting that her mother has pride in her magical skills. Though that Touka as a magician is particularly prominent in that aspect.