Kids Stories, Kids Story Books, Free Pdf Books, Reading Online, Books Online, Urdu Novels, Poetry Books, Ebooks, Story Books For Kids. Home or Kitchen Gardening Guide Free Book in Urdu. Aslam Rahi is the author of the book Sikandar e Azam Novel Pdf. List of books published by the Sindhi Language Authority. We have given Downloading link of PDF format, where you can read these Children's Literature. A 3 Children stories pdf book in the Sindhi language, The stories for English books translate by Habib Sanae. First two word (Ibtadahi Ba Aker).

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    Sindhi Story Books Pdf

    Complete Sindhi Books by Sindhi Authors. is a complete Arbi Sindhi Web magazine, It is the India's first magazine publishing Collection of Sindhi Stories. Topics Ruk Sindhi Books, Sindhi Books. Collectionopensource. Ruk Sindhi Books. IdentifierRukSindhiBooks. Identifier-arkark://t2f77ff8h. In book: Pakistani Literature, Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad, Edition: Issue 1, Vol 17, , Publisher: Pakistan Academy of Letters.

    This book is published by Kaachho Publication and Its Price was rupees at the time of publication of this book. This book contains old stories of Amar Jaleel, which were published in many sindhi and indian newspapers and magazines. First pages of this book contain one chapter Autobiography of Amar Jaleel. This book was published by Muhammad Ali Majid. First Publication of this book was published in April According to Amar Jaleel, stories of these books were collected by Mukhtyar Mallah, Jaleel was astonished, when he brought many old stories of him. Cover design is designed by Kaptan Abro, a well known artist of Sindh. Back title photography was done by Muhammad Ali Qadri. This book is available in all stocks of Sindh. Amar Jaleel has dedicated this book to People of Sindh, who are made unknown in their own country. This book contains 26 stories of Amar Jaleel including 3 international Story translations.

    Some of the books have audio notes and translations. There are few books to learn Sindhi Language in the easiest possible way. You can choose the search script as English, Devanagari or Roman Sindhi. For any word selected you will get the meaning in Sindhi arabic, devnagari, roman and also in English language. There are more than 50, words updated by Sindhyat team for easy reference.

    Sindhi Tipno : This is a very essential tool or utility to know about important Sindhi days, tithis, festivals, birthdays and varsi of Sindhi Saints and famous personalities. Sindhi Tipno or Sindhi Calendar is also available in Mobile app format to download and carry that for offline referral when there is no internet. Sindhian Magazine : Sindhyat. This Sindhian Magazine and publication is vision and production of Mr.

    Raj Lalchandani. The Sindhian Magazine is glossy coffee table magazine covering Sindhis scattered over the world. The Sindhian Magazine covers Sindhi Achievers from different fields. At last they reach a place where a princess is imprisoned by a demon. King Champion kills the demon by killing his 'life parrot' which he finds in a cage placed in a well.

    He marries the princess, but is deceived by an evil woman, who throws is 'life sword' into fire and he falls dead benumbed. His wife and domain are usurped by another king. Hearing this, his friends come to his rescue. They defeat the usurper. The sword is polished and king champion is brought to life again, and he returns to his homeland with his wife.

    King Lal Malook pp. On the way, they become, very hungry and decide to kill their baby and cat its flesh. The father takes the baby in the bushes where he finds the carrion of a deer. He leaves the baby there to carry the deer. A lioness takes away the baby and brings her up together with her cubs.

    The boy grows up, roars like a lion, and goes out hunting with the young lions. Once he is caught by a king and is given away to a merchant who has no issue of his own. The merchant and his wife bring him up as their son and call him Lal Malook.

    When Lal Malook attains youth, the merchant's wife falls in love with him but he refuses her overtures. The women set her husband against him, and in order to see him dead the merchant sends Lal Malook to bring them milk of a lioness.

    Lal Malook brings milk from the mother- lioness and the lions accompany him on his way back to the town. The merchant being afraid, asks Lal Malook to leave his house. On his way, Lal Malook meets a hunter, a swift runner, a carpenter, and a demon who have already been longing to meet him. They accompany him and reach a ruined town where a beautiful grill is imprisoned by a demon.

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    The demon is killed by his demon friend and Lal marries the girl. As the friends say farewell to him, he gives a flower to each one of them to watch it for his safety.

    The carpenter gives Lal Malook the sword which contains the latter's life. Lal Malook's wife loses her shoe while taking bath, and a fish swallows it. The fish is caught and brought to a rich man's son, who seeing the shoe falls in love with her. He sends an evil woman to search her who finds her and throws the 'life sword' of Lal Malook into water. Lal Malook falls seriously ill and his wife is beguiled and delivered to her lover by the evil woman. Lal Malook's friends see the flowers withering and come to his rescue.

    They recover the sword, polish it, and he becomes quite alright. His dog and cat lead the way to his wife who is also rescued, and Lal Malook and his wife live the rest of their life in peace.

    Amir Hamza and Kanak Rani pp. His minister sets out in search of such sisters, finds them and the date of marriage is fixed. The king sets out to the would-be-bride's country together with his six elder sons leaving Amir Hamza, the youngest and the wisest of the seven, to look after his kingdom. Amir Hamza asks him father to marry his bride to his arrow and also warns that on their return journey, they should not halt at a certain place.

    Sindhi Language Authority

    After the marriage, they pass the night at the forbidden place and are held by a demon in the shape of a dragon, who detains Amir Hamza's wife and tells them to send Amir Hamza himself to rescue her. Amir Hamza comes to that place and the demon asks him to Resce. Kanak Rani , the beloved of the Demon, who has been imprisoned by Daphail demon. He sets out on his way and meets a shepherd, a buffalo keeper an ironsmith, and an archer. All of them show their own valour but become his friends and accompany him.

    There after, the friends are deceived and captured by an old demon, who is defeated by Amir Hamza and he becomes his friend. The Demon-friend then defeats three kings and the three friends are married to the daughters of those kings and are left with their wives. Amir Hamza gives each one of them an arrow to watch it for his safety. Only the demon accompanies with Amir Hamza. Amir Hamza then reaches the palace of the Daphail Demon, kills him and frees Kanak Rani but is involved into trouble by an evil woman who takes away Kanak Rani and delivers her to a king who is in love with her.

    Children's Books

    Amir Hamza returns to the dragon, kills him, and returns home safe with Kanak Rani. The Princes with golden Hair pp : A King sands his son exile due to his ill manners. Three friends -a Brahmin, a goldsmith and a Carpenter accompany the prince. They find the dead body of a lion and on the Prince's insistence; the Brahmin brings the lion back to life.

    The lion attacks them and the friends run away but the Prince fights it and puts into fligle left all alone, the price spends the night on a tree, killers a serpent and secures its manu.

    Following the track of the serpent, he comes to well full water; the water dries up by the power of the manu and he goes down into the well and finds a beautiful princes with golden hair who had been imprisoned by the serpent. He informs her that he had killed the serpent and both of them marry and live together happily.

    Sindhigulab - Sindhi Kitab

    The princes had a parrot to with she used to talk when she felt lonely, But after meeting the prince, She ignored the parrot. Once both the prince and the princes go to the river to take bath and there she loses a hair which is swallowed by a fish.

    A fisherman catches the fish and presents it to a king who is one-eyed.

    The king falls in love with the ' Princes with the golden Hair' and said an evil woman to beguile her and her to him. The evil woman comes to live with the princess, and though the parrot talks against the woman the princess ignores its remarks. One day the woman takes the princess the river and puts her in a boat; She also secures the manu from her, comes to the well and the water dries up. She descends it and enters the palace, and kills the prince who is asleep.

    She then takes the princess to one-eyed King who wants to marry her. She seeks one year's postponement from him, and before marriage She spends her time in alms giving and charity. By chance, the prince's three friends come to the capital of One-eyed King. First the goldsmith meets the princess and she then summons all the three and they inform her that they are friends of the prince and they plan to rescue her.

    She then tells One-eyed king to make preparations for the marriage. The carpenter the udand khatoli flying cot and on the wedding night, the prices sits on it with three friends and they fly to the dead prince whom the Brahmin brings back to life.

    All of them then return to their own country. The prince asks his father's pardon and they al live there in peace and prosperity. King Kori and King Kirman pp : King Kori having no issue, sets out from his palace together with his retinue, to visit a holy man living in a cave.

    At his lamentations, the holy man prophecies that he would have a son and a daughter, but after the daughter is grown up he would be attacks by a neighboring king, but would finally emerge victorious.

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